Monday, March 20, 2006


i sat (more like stood) at my friend chris' house and watched my beloved tarheels fall to george mason. they started the game blowing them out and than turned over and died in the second half. well on the bright side, they had quite a good rebuilding season and should be top 5 in the preseason. so i now will put all of my energy this week in sending out my good thoughts ( a gatheirng inside joke) toward gonzaga to take down the hated ones. even though yepiz would be very happen and recover from his experience of hanging out with what definitely sounded like my friends i grew up with at anaheim stadium during the mexico usa baseball game.

i do have to say though a great four days of basketball. it lived up to all of the hype... unlike the super bowl. go ZAGS!


The Yepiz Zone said...

I guess NC sucked more than UCLA? How "Sweet" it is.

I'm choosing Texas now to win it all.

I originally had UCONN, Memphis, Bpston College, amd Duke for the final four.

New picks are UCLA, Texas, UCONN, Boston College. Texas will defeat UCONN.

J-Lou said...

Yeah Yeah... GO ZAGS!

J-Lou said...

Here is my new final four.


ZAGS lose to UCONN for the championship.

J-Lou said...

did i mention go ZAGS!