Sunday, March 05, 2006

I am excited to present to you Johnny and Kristen Garcia!

It has been one exciting week of events that was capped off by Johnny and Kristen's Wedding on Saturday evening. I had the privilege of being able to marry them in Anaheim at the White House. Johnny lost is the moment she turned the corner and he could see her in the dress. I looked over at him and his eyes were starting to gush. It was beautiful and his brother "Jai" was just smiling away. (Jai was another story from Thursday night... we will save that for offline conversations.)

The highlight of the ceremony was when I asked Johnny if he had a ring to express his love for Kristen and as he answered YES! Kristen remembered that her ring for Johnny was still in the car. Her friend tiffany raced to the car, grabbed the ring and the ceremony continued. The second highlight was as a I prayed for them, a helicopter came right over the restaraunt. So i hope Johnny and Kristen heard something, but i am pretty sure the rest of the place missed it.

But we made it through the ceremony, Johnny kissed the bride and the guests headed upstairs.

It was a great time celebrating Johnny and Kristen coming together to be a family. And all of our freinds from La Habra welcomed her into our extended family. As Chris, Jose, Jake and I caught up and drained the $500 tab Johnny had at the bar. We also ate the prettiest food we had ever seen. We ended the evening with some great toasts from family and friends and devoured some cake. We than sent Johnny and Kristen off to Mexico for the week. And I made sure that as Johnny returned he would have a great time with one of their presents as I bought him a new PS2 for a wedding present. I'm sure Kristen got everything else they wanted, so I had to make sure Johnny got something off HIS list.

Well for those of you, who do not know Johnny. He is family and i love him as a brother. So i hope you enjoyed the Wedding Post.


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The Yepiz Zone said...

I'ts so cool that you got to marry one of your best friends. I'm happy for you bro. i wish i could say the same for my friends. But I think they will never marry anyone!