Thursday, March 23, 2006

Door of Hope: Monday, March 27

It has been two weeks since we had a great dinner with the Door of Hope in Pasadena. We will again be enjoying dinner with the familes and thier kids on Monday, March 27th @ 5:30 pm. The address is below:

669 N Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101.

Tiffany Carr will be leading this trip. She will place a comment with the menu and what people can bring. I really encourage anyone to come out and enjoy themselves. We leave the home at about 7:15 each Monday. Hope you can make it out.



Tiff said...

Hi All!! I didn't know what to bring so I thought I'd give whoever wants to come or donate some freedom.

3 Main dishes (i.e. Smart & Final Lasanga, a casserole, etc)
2 Salads (i.e. lettuce, potato, pasta, jello, etc)
Paper Goods
Anything else you can think of that I didn't or just something fun to share...

Post here if you can bring or donate something. If you need to reach me you can email me at or call my cell (626) 233-3941.

Hope you can make it. Anyone and Everyone is invited. Come spend time with new friends!

Tiff said...

Hi friends!!
I just wanted to give an update about dinner last night. Joey, Kim, Aaron, Kayla, Able, Sue (my mom), and myself went. Thanks you guys for being there! We ate dinner with 22 new friends and family. It was a good time!! Hope you (anyone) can make it next time.