Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Crazy Busy...

well my life has been crazy busy, but i need the therapy of blogging so here is some quick comments from the last few days:

  • little league opening day got rained out, our first game is tonite... YEAH!
  • door of hope last night was a great time. tim, erik, devon and tif joined me and my boys for dinner with the community of families that live at the door of hope. and of course everyone loved my spaghetti sauce... who doesn't. after dinner we had a huge royal rumble pillow fight in the living room. it was great to see one girl (9 years old, going on 16) just laugh and have a great time. almaz, one of the workers at door of hope says that she harldly ever sees her smile.
  • the gathering on sunday nite was good also. laura, tif and i led the discussion for the evening. our conversation was centered around the following question: "would you follow jesus even if there were no heaven or hell, just for the joy, excitement and fullfilment of following jesus?" it seemed to be good discussion. i will blog more about this later tonite.
well just thought i'd get up a post with some thoughts. also great post at pablo's blog that has me really thinking.


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