Friday, March 24, 2006


well i experienced another minideath last night as i watched the ZAGS choke out and allow the hated ones (ucla) score the last 11 points. but i always believe that watching sports is more fun when you talk smack. so i will enjoy and laugh off all of the bruin fans joy and celebration and smak talk, becuase i have just realized the i love memphis (for a few days) and these days will be more enjoyable listening to bruin fan continue to pump themselves up and as they rise fafther up. the crash will be even sweeter.

but all was not lost last night, as duke lost and as a unc fan that is very important. reddick and morrison for the zags both cried. they must of forgotten their is no crying in bas(k)e(t)ball. but texas one at the buzzer so that was a downer (left over resentment from the rose bowl).

anyways... all of that to say... GO MEMPHIS!



urBenLA said...

Someone had to take Duke down. PTL it happened since UNC fell. I mean, if it can't be UNC, there's no way we want Duke to win it all.. although it would have been better if they lost in the big game, but it's cool that they didn't even make it to the Elite Eight.

The Yepiz Zone said...

Stop you're cryin' you sore loser. You're just mad because USC is watching the tourney from the comfort of their home! Did they even get invited to the NIT?

Hahahaha! UCLA baby. Wether we lose to memphis or not, it's already been a successful season for us. And even better is the fact that we won yesterday and we had by far our worst game all season. That just goes to show how "Defense" wins chamionships. Just ask the Texas Longhorns football team.

HAHAHAHa!!!!! UCLA Baby!

By the way, My 4 picks are still alive and I picked Duke to lose to LSU. So far so good.

J-Lou said...

don't back down yepiz. i want to hear how you are going to win it all and that you will win it for the next 8 years. don't come with any soft smack that is laced with a good season. good is not good enough. great is all that is allowed. "get that tot out of here"... you've got to come strong.

J-Lou said...

oh yeah. leave usc out of it. this college basketball and it is all about unc. i expect nothing out of usc basketball. anything we recieve is gravy in regards to basketball. spring practice has arrived and a new dynasty is building. usc will be bcs bound again for the fifth year in a row. Two orange bowls, Two rose bowls. three wins, one loss. niiiiiiiiiice.

The Yepiz Zone said...

John said..."leave usc out of it. this college basketball and it is all about unc."

Okay then. Let me rephrase what I said earlier then.

"You're just mad because UNC is watching the tourney from the comfort of their home!"


The Yepiz Zone said...

Final Four!

Keep cheering against our team! It's working FOR us.!!!!

By the way, I'm not "backing down." I'm just not an arrogant USC fan like you guys who beleive your team is unbeatable.

But for now...UCLA Baby!

J-Lou said...

Arrogance... USC lost two games in three years. One three out of four BCS bowls. That is not arrogance... we speak with confidence. Now the myopic laker fan lives in arrogance. USC is like the Bulls with Michael Jordan... we cheer with confidence.

Oh yeah. Did i say Memphis. I meant LSU. It is all about Baton Rogue!

The Yepiz Zone said...

Yes Arrogance. That's why I felt great pleasure yelling at the top of my lungs when you CHOKED against Vince Young alone.

And why do you keep going back to Football season when it is BASKETBALL SEASON!

You like to throw the "we won so and so championships in football." Well, you ain't saying that during basketball right. Hell you cant even say it for UNC! Cause UCLA has won more than them too, Sucker!

You can call it "confidence" all you want. But the truth is that Laker fans and USC fans are Equivalent when it comes to arrogance.

I could easily say tha UCLA will win and dominate or whatever USC language you WOULD like me to use. But in reality I know my team is always beatable. No matter how dominant or good they are. USC fans are alway blinded by ARROGANCE!

J-Lou said...


QueenTeresita said...

Hey Alex, who's UNC?

QueenTeresita said...

George Mason!!! A cinderalla story. Underdogs always have a special place in my heart. I wanna see them go all the way. OH, and I wouldn't mind seeing UCLA go all the way either. All these games are so exciting. I find myself drawn to the television, I think I'm in love. College Basketball Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J-Lou said...

Teresa, you will make a fine wife for someone. And UNC is the University of North Carolina (college of Michael Jordan). You now understand the why this and not the super bowl is the greatest sporting event of the year. Lots of drama. But come on you have to cheer against UCLA. Hate them with Pablo and i it is so much fun.