Monday, March 20, 2006


"We face not one big death in life, but a series of minideaths. Relationships come and go, and we don't always get to choose which ones get restored." Leonard Sweet

this quote has been in my head for the last week or so. i really liked the thought of many minideaths. i guess my life has been full of minideaths, but this last year i have experienced a few restored relationships, while grieving over other minideaths. i could go on for a page about my personal journey, but i will spare all of you and just say that the soul is continually getting better. and i have jesus and his gospel message lighting the road in this journey and he has placed some great people to live this journey with.


QueenTeresita said...

Great quote! It got the wheels in my head turning.

urBenLA said...

hmm.. now I have a great reason why I keep up with no one from high school..